Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Photos

Diana and I had some photos taken back in December. I realized we had very few pictures together, and of those, most of them were taken on my iphone with the front facing camera, so not very good quality. 

So I saved my pennies and we got some pictures taken! I'm awkward and don't know what to do with myself in front of a camera. Sweet little D is a natural though. She'd hurt her finger earlier that day so I put a band-aid on for her. She was very conscious of it, and if you notice, her little pointer finger is sticking out in almost every photo. I just love her!!

I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my favorites. (warning: photo overload)

 I think we'll try to do this every year. I treasure the few pictures I have of my childhood with my mom and me both in the photo. I hope Diana does too.


  1. Oh, Erika! These are so beautiful!!! :) What a precious gift they will be for Diana when she is older.

  2. I just can't stop cooing. Such beautiful and fun pictures. Her little finger is just so hilarious. She's a character :)


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